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        WE BUY ROGERS DRUMS drum snare drumset Drumkit kit set parts any and all USA made. Many Rogers items here too. Selling and trading Rogers drums too! Tell me what you have. Can make an offer. I'll be happy to help you with your drums.

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Just added to the collection is:

1.  A Rogers White Marine Pearl 12" tom.

2.  Rogers Silver sparkle pearl 3 piece {20/12/w/ wooden Powertone snare, no fl} SOLD.

3. An early Rogers swivo wonder bar! {SOLD!}

4. Rogers Cymbal mounts of all kinds. {see parts link at the top of page}

5. A Rogers tom arm. The kind you can attach your snare to your Rogers bass or can be used for Rogers cocktail drum sets.

6. A rare Rogers Triad.  

         You will only find this one of a kind
                 set at DrumFox.com.

    1969 Rogers 20/12/13/16/w/wood        
         Dynasonic in BLUE
and GOLD
                 Offers considered


                             Currently in search of another 14 or 16" floor tom. 


............... Need some green sparkles?

...................... $2850 FREE shipping w/ FREE COB Powertone snare. AWESOME CONDITION!!


                                               67 Dayton era Silver sparkle Dynasonic!!!
                                                            $1999 FREE SHIP US48 SOLD


                  WOW just in is this early 70's SATELLITE snare!! {2 1/2" x 13"} $495 USD

 1965 Rogers Cleveland era White Marine Pearl w/ matching Powertone 20/12/14/16/sn w/bass drum L arm mount. Not selling this one at this time.



            Heres a Rogers 20/13/16/matching Powertone snare. Has disappearing bass drum cymbal mount. All Cleveland typed tags. The bass has been swapped out for a double tom Londoner and now it has a 12/13 config..  Pics coming.

  Heres a Rogers 22/13/16 in Wine Red Ripple Pearl. Shown here w/ matching Rogers wood Dynasonic! We have found a correct double tom for this. So it can be use with a single or double tom set up.   

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